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In a world full of jewelry that celebrates special occasions, I like to create jewelry that celebrates ALL the days in our lives. Life is more than milestones- life is the culmination of all of these and everything in between. I create for people like me who want something truly unique, something they can love and show their love with. My jewelry has evolved over the years- from simple pieces to now more intricate works that celebrate the people around us and the people that have passed on. I wear a cremation piece with my father's ashes, my children's  artwork and fingerprints, their birthstones, and more personalized items every day to celebrate their lives and remind me of the memories we have. I wear our love and surround myself with it. I am humbled to do this for others. I create every piece from start to finish to make sure that my customer is getting exactly what they need- a wearable work of art that lasts as long as memories do.




Located just outside of Austin, our family heritage has over 160 years of deep roots on the very property where we work and live.  For three generations, our family has owned and operated a full-scale sawmill facility here. In 2012, a simple request from my father bloomed into a new business for our family with the Star of Texas Casket Company. All of our caskets are handcrafted and made of solid wood milled onsite from raw timber.  From start to finish, we can mill, build and personalize a superior casket that is just right for you or your loved one. Our authentic process, our workmanship, and our genuine concern for high quality is reflected in each artisan casket we produce




We here at the Grief Toolbox understand that needs change as we go from the raw encompassing pain of the first year to the stark reality of the second year,and then to the growth and reinventing ourselves of the middle years to the acceptance and blessing that now coexists with the pain and love that will always be a part of our life.




Create your extraordinary memory...

Search the worlds largest library of unique post cremation memorial options.




Cami Bear was founded by Camille Borgas, who created her first memorial bear following the passing of her mother. Over time her business has grown, as people recognise the healing comfort of having a teddy bear to hug and come to Camille in their time of need.

With her lovingly hand-crafted bears, and her kind and caring manner, Camille has been able help and support people from all walks of life who are going through a heart-breaking loss.  She continues this work in the hope that she can make it just a little bit easier and more comforting for them as they go on their own healing journey.

When you purchase a Cami Bear, you can be assured it has been made with lots of love, compassion and understanding. Made in Australia, ships worldwide.




Tanya Marsh teaches Property, Real Estate Transactions, a Seminar on Law, Business, and the Economy, Funeral and Cemetery Law, and Professional Development. Her scholarship addresses commercial real estate, the regulation of community banks, and the laws regarding the status, treatment, and disposition of human remains. A graduate of Indiana University and Harvard Law School, before joining the Wake Forest faculty in 2010, Marsh clerked for the Indiana Supreme Court, practiced commercial real estate and corporate law with two large Indianapolis law firms, and spent five years as in-house counsel with a public shopping center REIT. Marsh is involved in the leadership of the American Bar Association’s Real Property Trust & Estate Law Section and is a frequent contributor to that section’s CLE offerings. She also writes for The Huffington Post, PropertyProf Blog, and The Funeral Law Blog.




Chris Santora is a Glassblower and Cremation Artist. He infuses your loved ones (or pets) cremated remains into beautiful handcrafted glass tributes. He established his memorial art company 'Sands of Time' in 2011. His studio is located in Kansas City, Missouri, but services the entire US. His mission is to help offer a sense of comfort and peace to those enduring the loss of a loved one. Through cremation glass, Chris hopes to be a tranquil part of your healing process.

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