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Nothing can really prepare you for the significant losses that we all face in’s in the process of grief that you hope to find the silver-linings that carry you forward, make you stronger and shape the character that is uniquely you.

In 2011 we lost our home, workshop and forest in Texas’ largest wildfire, the Bastrop County Complex Fire. Through the process of rebuilding our home, with the pine trees on the property, we befriended a local sawyer. That friendship led to assisting him in the development of a casket manufacturing business.  The exposure to the funeral industry, along with the subsequent loss of Rob’s mom in March of 2014, had us researching

the cremation urn market.  That search led us back to our art and love of clay sculpture. We knew we could provide unique, handmade urns, different from the rest.


As the popularity of cremation options grow, we want to help to change the notion of the typical urn form. We create works of art that are out-of-the-ordinary and down-to-earth…honest in subject, but discreet in function. Our urns don’t look like an urn. They’re more. They’re more uplifting, more personal, and they’re crafted with more heart.

Cremation urns are a sacred space, and it a great honor to be of service to families in such a meaningful way. This art is a part of our soul. It is the result of great loves and great losses. We understand the desire to find that “perfect place”…a memorial urn to remember your loved one properly.  It’s more than an urn... it's a precious heirloom that you can feel a connection to, find comfort in, and inspire stories of your loved one for generations to come. 

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